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Patrick's Signature Courses

Sex, Power, Soul

Good Sex

Explore spiritual principles for sexual expression and purge sexual trauma, shame, guilt, and self-disgust, so you can shine with sensual charisma. Imagine having boundless sexual confidence, free of excessive jealousy, resentment, shame, or grudge energy. Imagine loving yourself exactly as you are right now.

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Unleash Your Power

Stop giving your power away to people and things that don't support you. Learn how to activate, expand, and embody your personal power, so you can radiate joy, confidence. Become the creative force of nature you were born to be. Share your personal experiences and breakthroughs in the private Unleash Your Power Facebook group.

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Dreamscape: Practical Mysticism

In this course you'll learn safe and effective techniques to expand your consciousness and achieve mystical awareness, so you can empower your life in the here and now. We focus on breathwork, lucid dreaming, plant medicine, soundbathing, pineal gland stimulation, and more.

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Evergreen Empowerment Courses

Advanced Intuition

Learn how to activate and expand all of your intuitive gifts, from basic cellular intuition to advanced techniques such as remote viewing and channeling. These are awesome tools for healers and life coaches.

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Impact: Leave Your Mark

Tap into the harmonic laws of the universe to create meaningful change in the world. Learn how to effectively respond to injustice, rather than simply reacting. Embody what it means to "be the change" you wish to see.

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Non-Toxic Masculinity

Confront and purge the limiting belief systems and social structures that can make men desperate to dominate others. We'll explore sexist and homophobic attitudes in both their subtle and explicit forms.

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Light Bridge Healing System

Light Bridge Foundations

This is the introductory course for Light Bridge, a comprehensive healing and personal empowerment system that combines universal harmonic principles with energy work with belief sculpting. Certifications available.

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Advanced Light Bridge

Take your understanding of Light Bridge to the next level with this deep dive into principles, tools, and techniques. This course is an essential step toward launching your own Light Bridge professional practice.

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