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Sex. Power. Soul.

Many believe that spiritual growth and a vibrant sex life are mutually exclusive - that sex is a distraction from spirituality, and that spiritual growth demands that you quell your sexual urges. I help people bridge that gap and enjoy a powerfully vibrant sex life and spiritual empowerment simultaneously.

Personal empowerment can be achieved through sexual healing and expanded consciousness. Sex, power, and soul are the three crucial dimensions of life that Patrick helps people master, whether through one of his signature courses or in private, one-on-one coaching and healing sessions.

As a teacher, healer, and author, Patrick has helped thousands of clients and students embrace success, joy, and authenticity. He specializes in consciousness expansion and trauma recovery. He's the author of Brain Cells: Escape Your Mental Prisons and Dream Yourself Awake: The Power of Lucid Living. He also hosts the Power Tools podcast, which will launch in December.

Patrick is available for lectures, seminars, and workshops around the globe. When he’s not teaching or assisting a client, you’ll probably find him hiking in the wilderness.

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Patrick's Books on Sex, Power, and Soul

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Imagine living your life completely free of the traumatic imprints of rejection, betrayal, and sexual abuse. Imagine interacting with others with boundless charisma and confidence, free of jealousy, resentment, shame, or grudge energy. Imagine loving yourself exactly as you are right now.

Does excessive shame or block you from connecting intimately with other people? Does the trauma of brutal past breakups echo in your mind with each new relationship? Does your romantic life feel like an endless stream of rejections, betrayals, and broken promises? In romance, do you sometimes feel there’s no point in trying because you’ll just be rejected anyway? This book is your guide to creating deep and lasting intimacy and a thrilling sex life.

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You’re a creative force of nature. Everyone is, and yet so many of us live our lives trapped in invisible prison cells of our own making. We embrace bogus expectations and limitations imposed on us by others. We mask our authenticity in order to please and appease others. We believe lies and propaganda without questioning the source. We feel unworthy, embrace victim thinking, and live reactively rather than in conscious control.

You have the power to live life on your terms, and to have a profound and uplifting effect on the entire world. All you need to do is take off your masks, remove your goggles, and shatter the chains that bind you to the will of other people. Your mental prison is an illusion. This book is your escape plan.

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Learn How to Lucid Dream

Dream Yourself Awake is more than just a guide on how to lucid dream. It's about mastering your potential and unleashing your personal power. It teaches you how to create both a lucid dream playground for fun and adventure and a lucid dream workshop where you can hone practical skills. Lucid dreaming is an awesome tool for unleashing your creative potential, plus it can be spectacular fun.    

With practical exercises, powerful tips, fascinating anecdotes, esoteric principles, and the latest scientific evidence, Dream Yourself Awake is a comprehensive guide for mastering both lucid dreaming and lucid living. The exercises are fun and easy to do, and with a little bit of practice you’ll be lucid dreaming in no time. 

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Patrick's three signature courses are Good Sex, Unleash Your Power, and Dreamscape: Practical Mysticism.

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