Dreamscape: Practical Mysticism


Expand your consciousness and journey into the beyond.

In this extensive course we explore tools and techniques to expand your consciousness safely and effectively. See the full curriculum below.

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What is "Practical" Mysticism?

Dreamscape: Practical Mysticism weaves together a collection of powerful tools and techniques you can use to alter your consciousness. It's mystical because it allows you to escape the shackles of three-dimensional space and linear time, and access information normally hidden to the intellectual mind. It's practical because it can inform and empower your life in the here and now.

Align yourself with the hidden universal laws of harmony and vibration, and learn how to activate and enjoy your portal into the higher-dimensional realm.

Explore the full curriculum below


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Informative lectures on mystical awareness, lucid dreaming, breathwork, plant medicine, and more

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Dreamscape: Practical Mysticism

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Meet Your Instructor

As the creator of Light Bridge Patrick Prohaska has helped thousands shine with personal power, joy, and authenticity. Patrick has a Bachelor's degree in history of science and a Master's degree in the religions of ancient India, and has studied countless healing systems, including Ayurveda, Reiki, Theta Healing, aromatherapy, and more.

Patrick is the author of Brain Cells: Escape Your Mental Prisons and the forthcoming book Dream Yourself Awake.


Dreamscape: Practical Mysticism

Activate your portal to higher dimensional awareness.

Regular Rate: $279 USD
Special Rate: $129 USD

Special Rate: $129 USD