Advanced Light Bridge

Deepen your understanding of Light Bridge and learn advanced tools for energy manipulation and belief shifting.

Advanced belief sculpting techniques, how to lock in attunements, tools and tips for subconscious digging, intuitive diagnostics and more - in this course we expand on the principles covered in Light Bride Foundations so you can fully embrace your power as a healer. Whether you're looking to expand your toolkit as a professional healer or you simply desire more ease and joy in your personal life, the Light Bridge method will help you sculpt your reality however you like.

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Transform Your Life
As a Powerful Belief Sculptor

Light Bridge is a powerful yet easy-to-use life transformation system that combines energetic attunements and belief sculpting to help you thrive in every dimension of your life. Light Bridge allows you to "Be Your Higher Self" now. Light Bridge Foundations teaches you the basic essentials for building a professional healing practice, but is also perfect for spiritualists looking for a powerful set of tools to enhance their own lives.

Light Bridge can be used for practically anything - physical healing, anti-aging, increased stamina and energy, weight loss or diet support, self-discipline, exercise and fitness enhancement, physical manifestation, financial freedom, addiction recovery, improved sexual response and function, mental focus and clarity, enhanced romantic relationships, attracting your ideal job, improved sleep and enhanced dreaming, spiritual growth, elimination of shame and grief, finding joy and meaning in life, and so much more…

Light Bridge Foundations is taught live twice a year, but you can join the course at any time. Once you're registered you have access for life, including all future updates and revisions.

Do you have financial constraints? Email me at [email protected] to ask about the Light Bridge Scholarship Fund. Most need-based scholarships are at the 50% level.

Meet Your Instructor

As the creator of Light Bridge Patrick Prohaska has helped thousands shine with personal power, joy, and authenticity.

Patrick has a Bachelor's degree in history of science and a Master's degree in the religions of ancient India, and has studied numerous healing systems, including Ayurveda, Reiki, Theta Healing, aromatherapy, and several others. Patrick is the author of Brain Cells: Escape Your Mental Prisons.

Expand Your Practice

Whether you're looking for a proven set of tools and techniques to help you in your personal life and with friends and family, or you're planning to expand your existing career as an energy healer or life coach, Light Bridge Foundations gives you all the tools you need for success. Expand your personal power toolkit today!

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Advanced Light Bridge

Register Now $249 USD