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Prosperity Consciousness
Belief Sculpting


Two Powerful Money Mindset Workshops


Recorded Live
Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 24 and 25, 2022


Two Live Workshop Events


Embody Prosperity Consciousness


$29 USD for one workshop, or $47 USD for both

Workshop 1: Your Internal World

Who are you in relation to money?

In Saturday's workshop we'll tackle limiting belief systems about your worthiness for wealth and your history with money. Prosperity consciousness begins with an awareness that you're worthy of abundance. You don't merely deserve to have your basic needs met - you deserve to thrive. We'll purge any and all beliefs that struggle and lack define you as a person, and embrace an expectation of financial surplus.


Special rate: $29 USD


Recorded Live Saturday, September 24
Length: 2 hours, 32 minutes

Workshop 2: The External World

Do you believe in a hostile universe?

In Sunday's workshop we'll eradicate limiting beliefs about other people, the economy, and the world you live in. Does it seem that the money you earn is already spent before you receive it? Do hidden expenses pop up out of nowhere to wipe out your surplus? Do you seem to live in a brutally competitive world where money is only for a lucky few? Do you resent the prosperity and success of others? It's time to embrace the belief that the challenges of the world are no match for your money magnetism.


Special rate: $29 USD


Recorded Live Sunday, September 25
Length: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Workshop 1

Your Internal World

Who are you in relation to money?


Special Rate: $29 USD

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Workshop 2

The External World

Embrace empowering money mindsets.


Special Rate: $29 USD

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Both Prosperity Consciousness Workshops

Your Internal World & The External World


Purchased Separately: $58 USD
Special Rate: $47 USD

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